Chloe Paddington padlocks

  1. As I finished typing this, I realized it would be fun to count how many questions I actually end up asking, here goes:

    1. How do the Chloe Paddington padlocks look?
    2. Is it just one strip around the whole thing?
    3. Is it supposed to read "Chloe" on both front and back of the padlock or only on one side?
    4. Could someone put up pictures, both front and back?
    5. Also, I've noticed some bags with diamond locks. How do you know which bags are supposed to have diamond locks?
    6. Is it only certain colors/seasons come with it?
    7. Oh! What's the deal with the keyhole?
    8. I read somewhere that it should resemble a tree. Should it be placed towards the upper section of the lock or towards the lower section or is it smack in the middle?
    9. Is there a reference site that lists all the colors of Chloe Paddingtons along with pictures?
    10. What if I buy something that isn't even a registered color of Chloe, you know?

    Phew! What questions I have.....Sorry for all the questions, I just don't wanna be scammed. *First time Chloe Paddington buyer yo!*

    Any help is appreciated! =)