Chloe Paddington or Paddington zippy?

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  1. Which one is better the regular paddy or the zippy paddy? this is the pic of the zippy..... thanks for the opinion
  2. i quite like the normal paddington :smile:
  3. I don't much care for the zippy
  4. regular satchel
  5. I prefer the regular. I sure like the color on the pictured bag!
  6. I'm not loving it. If I got another Chloe it would be the edith in chamois.
  7. Definitely the regular paddington. A pic of the zippy one was posted a while ago and someone said it looked like a robot. Now I can't get that image out of my head :wacko:
  8. LOL :nuts:
  9. definitely regular
  10. I think the regular Paddy is cuter.
  11. I too like the regular paddy best; althought, I do like the paddy that zips around the top (can't remember the name right now).
  12. The regular paddington in Whiskey:biggrin:
  13. yes i know which one you're talking's kinda look like a loaf.... do they still make that style tho? or is it discontinued?
  14. The Zippy is HUGE!
  15. the regular paddy! the zippy looks way too big!