Chloe Paddington or Medium Fendi B.Bag?


Chloe Paddington or Medium Fendi B.Bag?

  1. Chloe Paddington

  2. Medium Fendi B.Bag

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  1. Which one would you get?
  2. paddington. I feel that will go w/ more outfits than the B bag.
  3. i love the Paddy more than the B bag as well :smile:.
  4. I voted for the paddy - but I think the answer depends on the goal of your purchase. Are you looking for something a little trendy and funky (B-bag) or something with more classic lines (paddington)?
  5. I prefer the paddington.
  6. I don't like the B.
  7. They are both nice, but I would get Medium Fendi B.Bag -- I love its style, size, and shape. It would really add 'dressed up' feeling to outfits, Paddington is more casual. As for B.Bag's trendy factor, I think a lot depends on the color & material you choose -- patent leather ones in Red/Blue vs. plain leather (or some patent on leather) in neutral colors like black & tan.

    B.Bag is a statement bag. =)
  8. Wow I am amazed no one voted for the B.Bag.... eventhough paddy in in the heavy side, I guess people still like the paddy more...... go chloe....go chloe....
  9. I voted for the Chloe. Don't care much for the Fendi B. personally. But that's just me.
  10. I have the paddy and love it. Dont like the Fendi B
  11. I am not feeling the Fendi B.
  12. I think it depends on your personal style...but I like the Paddington.
  13. paddy !
  14. I love the paddy! The fendi b-bag just doesn't do it for me, but it is unique in its own way.
  15. paddy! much more versatile than the B Bag, and you can throw it around a bit more. There's also a big price difference b/n the medium paddy satchel n the medium double-chain B Bag.