Chloe Paddington or Balenciaga City? Which you you buy?


What shall I go for?

  1. Balenciaga City

  2. Chloe Paddington

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  1. Ok..

    I was going to post this question in the Chloe sub-forum, but then I thought I might get an unbalanced response;)

    Im torn over which bag to go for. I have sold off a few bags lately and have saved up enough to buy either of these two bags.

    I have a Balenciaga Box bag already and I just love the leather and tassels, so I thinking to go bigger and get a City.

    BUT...about 8 months ago someone bought me a Lush Paddy as they knew I loved bags, but I didnt use it because I wanted to carry the real thing. However I love the paddy style and to carry a real one would make me feel:yahoo:

    I just cant decide! Help!
  2. I pick Chloe Paddington just for the lock. Balenciaga City is a tad bit boring for me. But that's just me. :biggrin:
  3. personally i like the city more, it's lighter and the size and style more fit to my needs.
    but i see that u like the paddy, so i would say go for it :p
    so far as i know, chloe have a lot of sale lately on paddy
  4. If I were you, the Balenciaga would move in with me before the Chloe ;)
  5. Ok, I have one Balenciaga Hook bag and a few Chloe bags and they are the complete opposite of one another in terms of leather. Balencaiga has beautiful colours and the leather is sooo light weight (not crazy about that, it feels too thin for me), but I find the traditional balenciaga a bit boring and overdone by too many people. Its just way to common and copied everywhere.

    Chloe paddington leather is amazing (mostly depending on the year and batch, so be careful). That can been seen from far. Its very easy to tell a fake from a real paddington IRL. But the bag is a heavier....
    If you go to meduim size paddington it will be the same size as your box if not smaller. So you might have to get a large paddington or one of the new style paddingtons.. Oh and one last thing, the deals on Chloe are always amazing, if you are patient.

    Once you have made up your mind, hop on the Chloe forum becuase deals are always posted.

    I just bought a new fall Patent Paddington at almost 1/2 off from a department store.
  6. I would go with the Balenciaga...the Chloe seems like it would be too heavy.
  7. I personally like the City better. It's more lightweight, and I love the size/style.
  8. I have both, and I love both, so I am no help!! You can fit more stuff into the City and it is obviously lighter. They can both be hand held or shoulder bags. The leather on both is AMAZING in their own ways. I think that the paddy leather can take much more of a beating and still look great compared to the Balenciaga. Mainly the corners on the Balenciaga and the handles are a problem. However, the Chloe's lock peels . . . everything is a trade off!
  9. I agree with the general comment about Chloe being just too heavy. I like the Bal City and if you get it in the right color for you, you'll love it!
  10. I've had 4 Chloe Paddys and LOVED them but the weight was an issue, so I sold them all. I now have three Bal Twiggy's and a City on the way. Getting in and out of the Paddys was also an issue with the constant flipping of the lock and trying not to break something with them (glass countertop, etc.) but the leather is amazing on the older Paddy's. I've seen a few newer ones and to me they just don't compare to the older bags (2005, 2006). The leather is thinner on the Bals but they are just as durable as the thicker Chloe bags IMO. I do feel that resale on the Bals seems to be better too. Good luck in your can't really go wrong with either one! :tup:
  11. I voted for the balenciaga, I don't own one but every time I'm in a store that has them I always go over and look at them.
  12. Bal City all the way!!!

    I think the Paddington is nice but the Bal City is always in style!

    Good luck with your decision and let us know what you choose (with pics!! lol)
  13. Another vote for the Bal City here...
  14. City!!
  15. In what colour? I have both, a paddy in tan and at the mo a rouge vif city, I have also had a bgum pink first and a black city. I think the bbag is definitely a comfier bag to use as it is so light and the paddy is heavy, although I did carry it all around Paris for a week so it can't have been that bad! I think the Paddy is a classic but a bit of a cliche now whereas the city is changed all the time and there are die hard fans that have it in every colour. If I could have just one I think it would be the city.