Chloe Paddington: New or used?

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  1. I will get a new one.
  2. see my luck is such that every time i go on NM and BG online, i NEVER SEE IT :mad:. and i go there a few times a day to check!
  3. sounds like my luck when I was shopping! now it's just my returns that pop up to haunt me :weird: I've bookmarked them down to the Chloe-view-all-items view to make quick task of it! :biggrin:
  4. I took a pic of my blanc pocket outside today, so I am posting it here so you can get a better idea of the true color without a flash. It is SO hard to photograph! It is the 2006, I received it a week ago so the color should be the same as the bag you get. Good luck with your search!

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  6. :huh: :blink:

  7. they were peddling their stuff on all the threads so the mods edited the posts
  8. Oh that's awful! good thing the mods are on the job! thanks you guys.
  9. ok, so i just hopped on to and FINALLY caught the ivory Chloe Paddington :nuts: -- which I think might have been a return from someone on this forum :P -- upon which i immediately ordered it :lol:! and since this is my first ever purchase form Bergdorf online, I could use the free shipping code, but then i decided to add just $10 for two-day shipping :biggrin:. so i FINALLY have my Paddy; now i can't wait to see what it looks like in real life!
  10. Congratulations!! You'll love it. Post pics when you receive!
  11. Yeux, I am SO excited for you!!! You are going to LOVE the color! Can't wait to see your pics and hear how you like your first Paddy! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  12. Awesome! The paddy is really a great bag
  13. Oh that is great!! I saw it too - isn't it funny to think of all the people who could be looking at the ONE bag available on BG, that we know who got it?:?!!

    Er, know, in the forum sense! Happy to know ya!
  14. I have a question!!!
    Is the east/west earlier season and that's why it doesn't have the brown color edge(?) like yours does?? :weird:
  15. i don't know. i'm sure the seller of the east/west would know though.