Chloe Paddington: New or used?

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  1. Well $200 is quite a savings, actually all of my favorite bags were not purchased brand new.

    If you are looking for the older cream and you can think of other things to do with $200 then buying used is a real good idea.
  2. It's the same color that is available now...the photos are just bright. You can't trust the online photos. But fortunately all the PF girls post pics of their bags so you can get a better idea of the color. You would not have to pay tax, either. But if someone here has one, go for that. You will know exactly the bag you are getting, and that it is in perfect condition.
  3. I am changing my mind :smile: $200 is worth it over the $20!
  4. ok i just found out that the seller just returned her bag to Bergdorf Goodman online :cry:, so now i'll have to either buy brand new, or see if anyone else wants to sell theirs :wondering.
  5. The blanc pocket that I just received from Chloe NYC is the color of the photo you posted. But they told me it was "white." Unless this pic is from another year, the bags should be the same. The blanc looks whiter when photographed with a flash. I think they are the same color.
  6. i saw that, but i prefer the classic paddington. but thanks for the FYI!
  7. ok, there's another seller in this forum who also wants to sell her bag. she sent me pictures of it, and the bag looks really white. she says it's from a previous season -- and i've heard that the bags from previous seasons are whiter than the current ones -- but at the same time she says that her bag is the same color as the picture above, which i found on NAP about a month ago.

    :mad: how the hell do you save pictures from an email attachment? i tried but it keeps saving as a web page/html only :mad:
  8. Ahahahah i FINALLY managed to save the photos from the email! :lol: Here they are!

    do you guys think it's the same as the NAP stock photo?

    removed by request from original owner of photos.
  9. Hard to tell if it's an older bag...somebody help me out here! I can tell you that when I photograph mine it looks white like that, but it's not. Here is a pic of mine for comparison is a creamy color, more like a bone or winter white, but in the pics it looks WHITE white. The sun is out today, so maybe I can get an outside pic for truer color. You might ask the seller if she can take a pic outside without a flash...that might help. Here are two pics taken in different rooms...

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  10. thanks. the seller says her bag is from an earlier edition, but also says that it's the same color as the NAP stock photo. there was someone else on this forum who just returned her paddy to Bergdorf online, and when i showed the seller pictures of the Bergdorf bag, she said they were the same too. so is the earlier paddy whiter or the same as the current paddy? :wacko:
  11. well, folks, it looks like the verdict has been reached: i'm getting a new Chloe Paddington. one of the two potential sellers on this forum returned her bag to Bergdorf online :sad:, and the other one has her bag on hold for another buyer :sad2:. so i'll either get it online or call the Chloe boutique in NYC.
  12. good choice. Sometimes used ones have quality issues.
  13. I saw a blanc paddy pop up and off NM/BG online just today - see them about once a week at least. If you're on the fence you may wait for one of those - while they are someone's return at least you too have the option of returning which isn't easily the case with Chloe boutiques....