Chloe Paddington: New or used?

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  1. I'm finally able to buy a Chloe Paddington :nuts:, and the one I want is the cream/beige one. Someone on this forum is willing to sell me her used-once-for-20-minutes cream Paddington at the price she paid for it -- retail+shipping -- which is reasonable. However, I called the Chloe boutique in Manhattan and they said they still have a few of the cream Paddingtons left. So now my question is:

    As this is my very first Chloe :biggrin:, should I buy a (barely)used Paddington, or pay at least $20 more for a brand-new one, which will include retail+tax+shipping?
  2. I say a new one if it's just a $20 difference.
  3. Depends - is the used paddy this season or from earlier seasons? I personally prefer the leather on the older bags and would get that instead.
  4. NM has the ivory/cream one and then you can return it if you don't like it. I saw it on the website today. I had the cream sent to me and I sent it back because it had too much yellow. Better to play it safe with a return policy.
  5. i just went to the NM website and it's not there! :cry:

    i think it's from this season; it looks more like the beige leather than the ivory leather from the earlier seasons. her pictures were pretty small, so i couldn't really tell, but she did tell me it was more beige.
  6. Then definitely new!!! But not from Chloe - no refunds can be a b*tch if you end up not liking it IRL
  7. The ivory paddington on is probably the used one I returned last week that they swore they would not relist. It came to me with starbucks napkins inside and the brown coating on the handles was all cracked up. It had obviously had a good time with someone else! :sick:
  8. a new one :love:
  9. i did want to get a new one, but i haven't seen a cream paddington on Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf, NAP or LVR in quite a while now, and I don't know if they'll ever stock up on the cream one.

    does Chloe not give refunds?
  10. store credit or exchange only
  11. I say new! Return policy should not be a factor unless the seller is willing to give you a return policy as well. Also, factoring in the fact if anything happens to it (defective, peeling lock, manu defect, etc) you can always bring it back to the retail store to get fixed with less hassle. That is my opinion...$20 does not seem like a big difference, right?
  12. If you can find a new one then go with the new. If not, the barely used one is fine. I'm one who's really not too fussed, as long as it's in "as new" condition with all the tags, dustbag, and so on.
  13. has the cream/white color available again.
  14. it's a little too white, i think. the one i really want is more beige. but thanks!

    oh dear, when i said at least $20 i meant the difference between what the seller on this forum is asking and only the retail price of a brand new bag.

    when i called Chloe today, they said that the cream Paddington is $1540. Tax would be about another $120, and shipping probably $20. So to get a new bag would cost me about $1700.

    so should i just buy the barely-used one for $1500+ ?
  15. save a little moola and go for a sort of, not really used one. it's pretty much the same anyway right?
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