Chloe Paddington - need colour help

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  1. Hi ladies...
    Theres a new color call TAUPE coming soon. Do you guys know exactly when they will retail it? Do you guys think its a nice color? I kinda like it. I seen Tan in person, its gorgeous too.
    Mine is black, goes with everything. I love it!
  2. Hmm, NAP's email was fairly vague - didn't say when they were coming in, just to sign up and they'll email u when the shipments in. Also said they're not gonna do a waiting list for it or take reservations in advance. First come, first served I guess.
  3. Im going to Paris on Thursday, and im so excited to see what color they have. Maybe they do have the Taupe now..
    SERENITYSUE, are u getting the whiskey?
  4. I love the noir as well, very neutral, match everthing! It is a dark grey, gorgeous with the contrasting brass!
  5. I hope so:love: . I'm going to watch this closely.. only thing is.. auction ends early in the morning here. Guess I just have to get my a$$ up earlier b4 work, lol!
  6. Use a sniper!! Snipe it, its yours!! :smile:
  7. I think it'll take a while with the new colours because the "old" just came out a couple of weeks ago. I would guess about April/May.
  8. i totally love the whiskey colour, chocolate brown and the new black one :smile:
  9. I love the taupe if that is the one that is in their new ad. Here is a pic of the light blue. It's a nice spring color.

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  10. i have never bought anything form ebay before. why not call ur local NM?
  11. if the taupe is the one in the ad, it is the boutique in new york.
  12. I'm in Australia, no NM here:sad2: and I don't think they ship internationally at this stage. I have called up all the boutiques here that I know stock Chloe except one as they are SNOBBY!:evil:
  13. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing:amuse: !!
  14. Is that lime green bag you have posted a chloe paddington...shape looks similar but I didnt know if they did it for sale :smile: