Chloe Paddington - need colour help

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  1. I'm in the look out for a Paddy:love: and was hoping you experts out there could help me. I'm leaning towards tan or whiskey, yeah I know - safe colours:amuse: but I need something neutral. Does anyone have a pic of both colours which is a true representation? Or side by side even?? Some whiskey pics I've seen appear orangey.. is that the norm or is it meant to be just a darker tan without the shades of orange? Which is nicer in your opinion - tan or whiskey?

  2. what do you think about the dark grey. It goes with everything.
    I think they have both colours at But I'm not too sure.
  3. Actually Tanja, after I saw yours I went to straight tp NAP to check it out, lol! They still have the dark grey and all day I was pondering should I or shouldn't I... I had my heart set on a tan or whiskey sorta colour though. That said.. I haven't ruled out the dark grey yet:nuts: . One thing.. I emailed NAP using their 'contact customer care' form on their website but didn't get any reply (that was 2 days ago I think). Then today instead of using the form, I emailed their email addy directly but no reply:huh: I've heard great customer service and all but how come I don't ever hear back from them? I ask nicely too:worried:
  4. here is my chocolate paddy
  5. I think the tan and whiskey Paddys look a lot a like to me. I've seen both, and the Whiskey is definitely a deeper color.
  6. I have the whiskey and I love it! I don't think it's orangey at all, it's actually a very nice shade that goes with practically anything. I get a lot of compliments on it :biggrin:
  7. i have seen both colors. i like the whiskey alot. i would have gotten it, but i nedded the chocolate one more. the whiskey i do not think it's orangy at all. it is so versatile, you can wear it with a lot of colors too.
  8. NAP is not that great in answering emails. May be you can call them. But they have a speedy delivery.
  9. Thanks so much guys!! Whiskey it is. It's just so hard to judge when I haven't seen it IRL and pics vary due to lighting etc.

    doulosforhim: your brown is gorgeous. I was thinking of brown too.. can ya tell I'm all over the place?? ;) Sometimes I think they should just bring out bags in one colour. Take it or leave it. Choice leads to indecision and indecision leads to the colours slipping right thru our fingers due to taking too long to make up our minds! Then we end up with no choice except on eBay.. argh! the agony and the ecstacy. LOL!

  10. thanks.:lol: :lol: :lol: i agree with you, they shouls only make bags in one color but then it would be too easy and we would not go insane:wacko: . you made a great choice with the whiskey, you will love it:love: . good luck , post pics.
  11. Doulosforhim: thanks:biggrin: for the good luck wishes! I may need it as the bag I'm watching is on eBay... and it has a BIN. Now, the thing is, do I BIN or keep watching or put a bid in.. lol, more decisions.
  12. Post the link to the auction in the Sellers Watch thread so our wonderful members can authenticate it, then, if it turns out to be legit - fall all over it like a rash! :biggrin:
  13. I love the chocolate! I saw on in Nordstrom and it's georgeous in person too.:love:
  14. Hi, just done that. Check it out and lemme know what u think.:nuts:
  15. Oh hey! Just received their reply to the email I sent. yay! I think if you use the form on their website, it doesn't work?? Anyway, this is what they said..

    "We are pleased to confirm that we will be receiving
    some gorgeous new colours and shapes of the Chloe
    Paddington bag as part of our spring/summer collections!

    This will include a new small slouchy style in chocolate
    and gold, a large slouchy bag in mousse and white, and
    a standard size in mousse and taupe and a bowling bag
    also in taupe!"

    Doesn't matter.. I got my heart set on Whiskey now:P