Chloe Paddington - name your favorite color

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  1. Ok ladies, if you had a choice between black, tan, ivory or whiskey which would you choose?:smile:
  2. I think Whiskey. Only because I saw another PF gal's purse and fell in love with it. It was so smooshy and the leather was soooo pebbly.:heart:

  3. my first choice is the whiskey! its a rich color...
  4. I vote for tan!!
  5. Ivory or whiskey~ Which ivory are you talking about?
  6. Here is the bag I was talking about in Whiskey. It is Chicbags. I absolutely :heart: LOVE:heart: it!!!!!

  7. yep, out of these colours, I also would choose Whiskey :smile:
  8. Can I pick Muscade? :heart:

    If not, I would have to say's the one colour I had and truly regret parting with :crybaby:
    I won't make the same mistake with my Muscade :love:
  9. I say tan. I have this bag and its scrumptious. I love how it changes color in different lighting.
  10. If I could choose only ONE color! :death: (Be still my heart, I think I'm getting palpitations at the thought of ONLY ONE CHLOE!!! :sweatdrop: This is like choosing ONE of my kids!!!) Let's see...probably the whiskey because of it's versatility and the smooshy, rich leather.:wlae: You could wear it with anything and unlike brown or black it's so unique... That said, I could never part with ANY of my's like "what finger do you not need??" :shrugs:
  11. Whiskey!
  12. i vote whiskey too... such a chloe signature colour~!
  13. Tan
  14. Whiskey Hands Down!
  15. Argent! Oh...not one of the choices? Okay then I say Whiskey. :smile: