Chloe Paddington (my first actual view)

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  1. Today was the first day that I've ever "touched" a paddington. My friend has one..not me :sad: I was amazed at how beautiful they are! Anyway..that lock is sooo heavy! Do you girls usually use the lock? It weighs more than the contents of my purse, I think! :nuts:
  2. Quite honestly, I don't find the bag much heavier than other bags of similar size and weight of leather. I have a BR Bloomsbury hobo that has a lot of brass ring fasteners on it, and it's almost as heavy.

    I don't "use" the lock as in locking up the bag, but I do keep it on the bag...IMO it's what makes a Paddington well... a Paddington! :biggrin:
  3. My chloe Silverado is pretty heavy; it has a lot of leather detailing. The last time I took that puppy shopping my shoulder hurt. The paddy can be carried on the arm without looking funny; in that regard I feel it is lighter than my Silverado, which cannot be carried on the lower arm as easily.
  4. honey the paddington is the ONLY reason which makes me wish to be a woman sometimes...hahaha, yes you heard right I am a purse addict man!

    gay, but definitly a man
  5. lol!!!
  6. Honey, come on out to West Hollywood and you can carry that Paddington all you like. No one would look at you twice, except to admire the bag. :biggrin:
  7. I carry mine with the lock. I :love: the way it looks. Most of the time I don't lock it all the way. I only do that if I know I'll be carrying it for a while without having to open it (which doesn't happen often, because I'm always pulling out my wallet to buy something :P ).
  8. Or you can jet down to South Florida and you are welcome to wear my beauty!!!! Don't sweat being a purse addict man, I turned my man into one too! :love:

  9. Herzlich Willkommen! :amuse:

    P.S. Yeah, I do speak German fluently. :smile:

  10. that's too cute
  11. I sometimes move the lock to the end of the bag.
  12. vlad? you do?? cooooooooooooool...........I am starting to really love this community!