Chloe paddington mousse or Dior gaucho

  1. Hi ladies, Im having a dilema now..I really wanted chanel luxury bowler but I can't found a good deal around..Now I have choice to buy chloe paddington in mousse and/or dior gaucho in white..Which one should I get? And another thing, the seller of paddington claim that the bag was purchased from LVR.
  2. I'd go for the paddy. I had the Gaucho in black and it didn't get much use so I sold it. It's not so versatile as the paddy and just looks good with casual cloths IMO. the paddy can be used for both. I would never sell my paddy.
  3. I have the mousse paddy and I love it. The color is really stunning in person. Pic attached of the mousse against the whiskey color:
  4. The Mousse paddy- that silver colored lock is just too sexy!
  5. I agree. The paddington all the way! Also, the white Dior gaucho has a tendency to transfer the color from your jeans onto it! A lot of white gaucho owners complain about that. You can clean it but it will keep happening as long as you wear jeans with it.
  6. Mousse PADDY! ALL THE WAY!
  7. Thanks ladies.. I never see mousse paddy IRL..What do you ladies think about mousse? Or should I consider other colours? But, I really want a grey colour bag actually..hmmm.. :wlae:
  8. Definitly Mousse Paddy, totally 100%
    Its the colour I most want in the paddy as its just so gorgeous!
  9. I like the Gaucho, but only in dark colours. I think the white is just too seasonal. But, I also have to say that the mousse is one of my least fave colours in the paddy (so sorry to anybody that loves it, its just my personal opinion). I think there are much nicer colours available in the paddy.
  10. I don't like the mousse paddy only because i prefer the other colors the paddy has to offer... but i have the white gaucho and i love it... and since it's not soooo white, but a vintage/dirty white... I do plan on wearing throughout f/w.... so i'm leaning towards the gaucho.
  11. The mousse is an awesome color! Nice sagey grey color, pictures never do the color justice.
  12. I vote for the mousse, just because I don't like the gaucho style.
  13. mousse paddy.
  14. I have both bags (the gaucho tote and the pocket paddy). I'm not sure if you are considering the gaucho tote, but if you look into a darker color, you may change your mind. I have the red gaucho and it truly is a great looking bag, and like the paddy, you can hold it by hand, in your arm or over your shoulder. It's also lighter in weight than the paddy. Hopefully you'll have both one day, they are beautiful! Tough choice.
  15. I have the Mousse Paddy and I love it! It is soooo versatile, and the leather is just TDF!!! Also, just an FYI, I have heard from other members that you have to be careful of dye transfer with the White gaucho- one member had dye from her jeans transfer onto her white gaucho. Something to think about is all.