Chloe Paddington Mocs/Ballerina flats

  1. How many of you ladies have a pair of the Paddington mocs or ballerina flats? How is the fit? True to size? Small? Narrow? I tried some of the mocs on in Barney's not long ago- but I am a size 10 and the 40s were too narrow. They didn't have a 41 for me to compare. I have a feeling it is too late to find a pair now anyway but I was just curious as to how they fit on others.
  2. I have a pair of metallic bonze/gold moccasins with the gold ball details. I typically wear 5.5 in all shoes and I bought them in a 36.5 euro = 6.5 US. The 7 was too big. The garter on the back didn't fit over my heel, my foot was too short to get in it.
    Hope this helps, but i don't know if the paddy mocs have the elastic back or just leather back...
  3. I just bought a pair of the Paddy Mocs in Pewter. I wear a US size 8, but I opted for a 38.5 to leave room for an odor eater!:smile: I HATE smelling up expensive shoes!!! They apparently stretch A LOT!
    Hope that helps!!
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I realized after I posted this that it probably should have gone in the shoe forum, so I appreciate the answers!! Are there any places besides eBay still selling these?
  5. I have the paddington pumps and ballerina flats....I would say the paddingtons are true to size and the pumps run 1/2 a size big.. I had to get a 35..
  6. I have the paddington mocassins,and the flat,pointy black shoes with golden spheres.

    Both pairs run true to size.
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