Chloe Paddington Mini

  1. Curious if any of you own this little one:


    I'm in need of a new evening bag, and this seems to fit the bill nicely. Just wanted to hear some reviews first :smile:
  2. Its not actually the paddington mini - thats a different bag altogether. This is the paddington clutch. It really does fit next to nothing really. My friend had one and had to sell it as she could only get a credit card in it and her mobile phone. It appears to be more like a wallet than a bag.

    I guess it depends on what you plan on putting in her
  3. yes, its v overpriced imo for a bag that holds no more than a wallet :smile:
  4. I actually bought that clutch on sale for $250, except it was with the black hardware. I ended up returning it because it was way too small imo. My wallet couldnt even fit into it!
  5. i have one of these and it fits a cellphone, camera, lipgloss, and a few credit cards.. good for me because that's all i take when i go out at night :smile:
  6. Oh, that's a little disappointing that it's that small. Thank you for your reviews :smile: