Chloe Paddington Mini Zip Clutch - $361 at BG!

  1. I can enlighten you all on the price fluctuation of this cutie. hehe

    Mid June I got it for $250 flat and I was ecstatic. During the 4 day sale, it was down to $155, but it was obviously very hard to get, especially at that price!

    I still think it's a good deal, but of course many of us have been spoiled because we have seen some of the incredibly low prices on NM.

    If anybody likes this look and wants it w/ the gold hardware, here it is for $318 again at NAP:

    I thought about getting it myself b/c I love the metallic black one so much, but I refrained. hehe :p

    P.S. The same bag Merde posted can be found on the NM site as well.
  2. Ooohhh, ashakes...the reason I hadn't bought that cutie yet was because I liked the one with the gold hardware better...and now you have found/posted one with the gold hardware on sale!

    ...If you ever decide to give up medicine, you could make millions as a personal shopper/style consultant!!!

    I'm off to check if I can do any more damage to my bank account...
  3. Yes, the one w/ the gold hardware is VERY cute. The only reason why I didn't buy it is b/c I have a Gucci black w/ gold hardware that I use as an evening bag. The black on black made more sense for me, plus it was a bit cheaper too!

    You better hurry and grab it before somebody else does! I wish I would have known you wanted it. I saw it days ago and I think they must be putting some returns up or something.

    Trust me, I often think about giving up medicine to do something like this. lol Positive is, I find medicine rewarding at the end of the day, so for now I guess "personal shopping" will be a hobby. :smile:
  4. True; I think the qualities that will make you a great doctor--singleness of purpose, stubbornness, clear-headedness, bulldog tenacity, and keeping your eye on the prize--also make you a great sale-shopper!

    I'm off to order the mini Paddy...thanks again, so much for the link!!!
  5. Thanks. ;)

    No problem. Let me know if you end up getting it! :smile: