Chloe Paddington Metallic or LV ??????

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  1. Hi,

    I bought last year the red padd one : I am still in love with it :love:

    Yesterday I saw on Ebay the Chloe Paddington Metallic blue which seems so amazing....but don't know if I should buy this bag or the vuitton stephen ???????:confused1:

    I am in France too as the seller but called this morning all Chloe Boutiques and they don't have it anymore....and the same story for the LV.

    Do you know where I could find it ?

    Here si the bag :

    eBay: Auth.Chloe Paddington Metallic Blue !!! (item 300036842213 end time Oct-16-06 14:13:51 PDT)

    I already bought a bag from this seller last year ( a Jimmy Choo ) and was a real one, so I think the 2 bags are real, don't you think ???:confused1:

    Please Help !!!!!!!:shame:
  2. In my own opinion, get the CHLOE. You can buy more chloes for the price of this LV. I don't know, that LV doesn't do anything for me. I think the bags are authentic but ask the other girls to authenticate this forum.
  3. Thaks lynnix !!:yes:

    What do you think about the metallic one ???? It seems gorgeous but I didn't see it...:shame: me.....
  4. they have the mettalic blue in la fayette or printmeps i saw it there this weekend
  5. i aplogise what i saw was a more blue blue mettalic. not as ligt as this
  6. Hi !

    I went to le Printemps and Galeries Lafayette AND Le bon Marche this week-end and they told me that they didn't have anymore this one....:crybaby:
  7. I think it's way overpriced for that chloe bag. I like the blue blue metallic better. If you're going to get something that light, you might as well get the metallics at LVR at a cheaper price. JMHO :flowers: It's really so hard to see the true color of metallics in pictures. I'd go w/ something i'd seen IRL.
  8. ^ I agree with D&G! :yes:
  9. This is a totally different blue from the metallic blue with black padlock I saw in London 2 weeks ago. I don't think the pictures are very accurate.

    Why don't you try calling Harvey Nichols or Harrods or Selfridges in London to see if they still have the metallic blue with black padlock?
  10. I'd choose a metallic Chloe over an LV everytime! :P That Chloe is really gorgeous and hard to find. The color looks like it's stunning. I'd love to see pics of it in sunlight... It does suck that it's a but over retai, but if you really want it then it's worth it to pay extra for it I guess.
  11. I would also rather get a paddy than lv, hands down :cutesy: the metallic blue looks gorgeous colour and propably a rare one, at least for me it's first time when seeing it :yes:
  12. That is a really gorgeous combination of colour!!!!:wtf: :drool: :love:

    Paddy rules (for me) everytime:yes:

    If this particular combination is becoming harder to find, and you've exhausted all other avenues and still have no luck in finding one, and can't see yourself with any other bag...then i would say go for this one off Ebay.

    There's another 6 days on the auction yet, so you've got loads of time to scout around for it elsewhere.:jammin: :flowers:

    Good luck!
  13. That bag is beautiful - you can always get LV. Put in the authenticate forum to be sure.
  14. Gorgeous, but insanely overpriced for a paddy as everyone else here said. I personally would not pay this much for a paddy since they tend to depreciate quickly, but in its defense, the rarer colors go down slowly. Also, be careful of the metallics since they tend to chip off.
  15. Thanks girls !!!

    You're right, the price is high for a paddy but I want it to much :nuts:
    I saw it at le Printemps 1 month ago and was really gorgeous with my jeans....I didn't buy it ( I am so :censor: soemtimes, I ALWAYS hesitate before buying bags) as I don't know if I will buy the padd or LV ( there isn't any LV Stephen in Paris, I searched eveyrwhere ).
    Do youthink that the LV is too much ? it seems gorgeous too:confused1:
    But it seems that I will try for the paddy....

    Please, where could I authenticate the bag ? Is anyone here that can tell me surely it is a real one ???