Chloe paddington messenger

  1. Has anyone seen this Chloe paddington Messenger upclose and what do you think?

    Lisa has one in black on sale at NM for $1100 on sale from $1900!

    I wanted a messenger style but need feedback on this style!!! :idea:
  2. sorry, no
  3. I have to 2nd Hmwe46 on this particular style.... but if you like should go for it...:yes:
  4. It looks really odd. Me no likey! :yucky:
  5. I love it! If I was in the us then I would buy it in a shot. Hoping they go on sale here in the UK
  6. I saw one at Nordstrom valley fair, it's a choco one. I think it's beautiful, I love the leather. The style is so comfy to use.. I think it's great for everyday bag... HTH
  7. I like reminds me a little of the hobo, but with the extra option of holding it in your hand.
    If you like it, go for it!:yes: