Chloe paddington matching wallet???

  1. Hi everyone...I LOVE this site!!! I'm the kind of girl that has to have a matching wallet to the bag. I was just wondering what wallet you would suggest to match the Chloe large pocket paddington in mousse, since they don't make wallets to match that specific color. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thats funny. I was going to post the same thread. I just bought a blanc paddy and would like a new wallet to go with mine also. O.K. ladies suggestions please!
  3. The metallic paddington wallet would go with the mousse, as the hardware is also nickel.

    I am not sure about the blanc. I might do a Marc Jacobs zip clutch with brass hardware.
  4. Anthracite or silver chloe wallet? I wonder why they don't produce matching wallets? Thanks...
  5. I have a silver metallic paddy long wallet - matches both my mousse and anthracite. Great wall too, very functional.
  6. *wallet. I cant type for crap today.
  7. I have the anthracite paddy wallet; I use it in all my bags. I really love the wallet.
  8. Ranskimmie, I would suggest a Suhali Louis Vuitton PTI in Blanc. Extremely nice leather, it also has the matching brass hardware and its very roomy for all your credit cards and checkbook... Hope this helps!
  9. the anthracite paddy wallet is great- check out aloharag
  10. Thanks so much for your help. These are looking really good!
  11. did you buy from roz? I got my silver wallet from her
  12. Lucky lucky you!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! ;):nuts::biggrin:
  13. Congrats! Would love to see your pics when it arrives:smile: