chloe paddington leather wallet

  1. does anyone have this?

    and if so how do u like it?
  2. Oh, that is so cute! Love the little key... How much?
  3. wow!! i was just asking in the other thread what would be a good wallet to use with a paddington! guess the question is answered :biggrin:
  4. No, I can't find it in stock either but I want it. They key is adorable!
  5. i think it is close to 400 if anyone finds it.
  6. I have the Paddington clutch, but not the wallet.
  7. Oh Wow...that is so cute.
  8. Oh, I love the color. Very rich.
  9. issmom can we see pics of the clutch?
  10. That is beautiful! :love:
  11. I am pretty sure there was a blog post about the paddy wallet (or maybe it was the clutch?) a few weeks ago. It's cute!
  12. yes, vlad wrote about it. it's $360.
  13. I have photos but I can't post them....they're too big and I don't yet have a program that will let me 'shrink' them..... helped with my LE Paddington....wanna 'shrink' my Paddington clutch photo?
  14. very pretty...unique as well.
  15. nice.....
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