Chloe Paddington Leather Shopper @ NAP

  1. I missed it..*pout*
  2. it's there...someone get it!
  3. How did you miss it??? I was just able to ADD it to my cart?

    Try it again... :yes:
  4. I guess I don't need another one. LOL
  5. Hi ... that's correct about when you click on if it says sold out.. it is...

    however, I don't get that... and it's in my basket - so even when I click on it again it's still available...

    try this link:
  6. It's weird.
  7. socalgem...

    you're still not able to put it in your basket? I feel bad. Do you really want it?
  8. Ok, I JUST removed it from my basket... try it now.
  9. It is a cute bag but I really didn't need it. Thanks.
  10. That is a good looking bag!
  11. Wow, sold out already! That's quick!

    Did someone here manage to grab it??!
  12. I can still add it to my cart. I don't think it's sold yet.
  13. Someone definitely grabbed it.
  14. Its sold out now :sad: