Chloe Paddington Keyring

  1. Has anybody got the Chloe paddington keyring? I have just recieved a catalogue from Chloe and it looks so cute. I would like to see someone elses before i purchase one as i will have to have it posted as no where near me sells it.
  2. its so cute isnt it. LVR have stock and you will not be liable for customs as it is within the EU :smile:
  3. Hey im sorry whats LVR? lol
  4. Oh thankyou, is that website definetly authentic though?
  5. oh oh oh! that key chain is tdf! how cute is that!! if only I had a paddy....:sad:
  6. That is soooo cute please post if you get one.Very nice!
  7. I cannot express to y'all HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS KEY RING!!! If you get it, I promise you will NOT be disappointed! I got mine from LVR for $121 plus free shipping and I am sooo glad I did (I still would have gotten it for $191 w/ shipping!). Pics do NOT capture how awesome it is from the sweet little lock to the splendidly crafted leather and's even "smooshy" looking from the sides!

    As I use my keys a lot throughout the day (as a sahm and busy chauffer of little ones), I love the fact that this little paddy key ring symbolically reminds me of my complete (more like maniacal!) ADORATION for handbags, for my devotion to Chloe, for my lust of Paddington leather and all of its exquisite details and for my love of the color red! Hmmm... maybe I should be wearing this key chain in place of my wedding ring? KIDDING, OF COURSE! :roflmfao:
  8. Yes LVR is a recognised Chloe seller, so you can buy from them with complete confidence
  9. Thanks so much for the info, it says on teh site noir, black yes, tan and vermise? is that the red I want the red one thanks
  10. ooooooooooh I just have to have one of those key holders:love:

    The cuteness factor is off the scale:amazed:
  11. That is seriously the cutest key ring ever.
  12. Does anyone know how much shipping is to US from Louisaviaroma? I wanted the keychain but have never bought out of the US before. They said something about shipping being 50.00
    Hopefully that is not correct!
  13. OMG! that is so seriously cute! hope you decide to get it.