Chloe Paddington Jeans Moyen color IS IT IN????

  1. Someone I know has one and needs to sell it..
    She paid 1,485.00 plus tax
    measures 8" H 14.5" W 7.5'D

    I AM A Chloe Virgin
    IS THIS BAG & COLOR STILL IN and will it be around for awhile ?????

    PLUS she said she wants $1,300.00 shipped
    Is that good a price?? If not what price would be fair
  2. It's a rare color, not to mention gorgeous. I don't particularly think that's a great price since it's been out for a while, but the bag in that color is hard to find. Chloe has been going on sale, the metallic paddies have gone down to 40% off, I personally think it's a matter of time before the same happens to the regular paddies.

    The other things you need to consider is the condition of the bag. Is it practically brand new? How often has it been used? What does the metalwork look like? Are there chips, etc??

    As far as paying, this is all personal preference, because you have to think what the bag is worth to you. I would not pay more than $1100 for a fabulous colored paddy satchel. For the more common ones, I would probably not pay more than $800-900. I hope this helps.
  3. BalenciagaLove Thank You So much
    Yes this did help
    She said she used it 3 times and sent me pictures..IT LOOKS BRAND NEW..Plus I already bought 2 LV bags from her and THEY WERE LIKE new condition..
    I own 3 b-bags and Lots of LV and Chanel and I wanted to get a Chloe since I do not have ANY...
    So do you think it will go down 40% in this color?
    If I tell her 900.00 for this one DO YOU think that is a Fair amount?? (If she even takes it)
    Thank You Again for your help
  4. The jeans moyen is a difficult color to find right now, especially after spotted on JLo and someone else whose name escapes me. I think that finding a jeans moyen for 40% off is literally akin to winning the Chloe lottery. I would offer her a bit more than that. Again, it is really what the bag is worth to you and her. If she was fond of the bag, then she may not be willing to let it go for less. I think $1100 is a safer bet. You never know though. Good luck!
  5. Thank You...Do you think THIS style will be in next year??? I would HATE to spend 1100-1300 and its out..
    Thanks for ANY input you might have
  6. Personally, I think the Paddy is well on its way out. I would not buy a bag because it's in or out but whether you absolutely love it or not. Jeans Moyen is a beautiful color. I am sure that you will still see people proudly carrying their lovely paddingtons though (myself included)! All "IN" bags will become "OUT" sooner or later.

    Good luck! And let us know what you end up deciding!