Chloe Paddington In Pearl Or Burgundy?

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  1. Hi,

    This would be my first Chloe handbag. This is the Chloe 2006 Paddington medium. I was offered for $1k each. Price ok? Both are gorgeous & I can't decide. Which color should I get? Thanks for any helps.
    burgundypaddy.jpg pearlpaddy.jpg
  2. Those are both fake. I wouldn't buy them for 5 cents, let alone 1K!!!
  3. :hrmm: The place is selling these bags seem very legit. Here is more pictures.
    pearlpaddy2.jpg pearlpaddy3.jpg pearlpaddy4.jpg
  4. ^what Place????
  5. yikes...the metal on the red bag is way too shiny. and their kind of a weird shape. and the handles look off. dont buy either! keep searching and yeah what was the website where you found these?
  6. Sorry but all the pictures are of fakes, and not even good ones at that!
  7. Definitely fakes. PLEASE don't pay $1k for these...
  8. Those are definitely fake bags. Sorry. You can find the new colors (including a white shade) on and pre-order one for fall that will be an authentic Chloe bag.
  9. They look so fake. Plus I have never heard CHloe paddy in pearl color in 2006...Be careful...
  10. They are fake. The leather is too stiff and they just don't sit like that even when stuffed with paper on display.
  11. For ~$1K you can now get a brand new authentic paddy on sale from places like Kirna Zabete and Intermix (40% sale).
  12. Glad you came here first!:flowers:
  13. oh my! :shocked:
  14. yikes. 1k for fakeroos. But a real one would be pretty in a pearl color.
  15. Hi,

    Thanks. I'll check Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom or Saks to be safe. FYI, I just check this morning & the pearl got sold already!

    How can one tell it's a fake one?