Chloe Paddington: IN OR going OUT?

  1. I'm in Paris and I just saw a Baby Mini Paddy in the new metallic pewter called ACIER at the Chloe boutique on the St-Honore.

    I am so tempted to get it, but will this bag be in this fall? Or is it going out?
    What do you the the resale value on it will be?

    Let me know!
  2. I dont think the resale value on Paddingtons is that great now to be quite honest
  3. Yeah especially since there are quite a few on sale. Paddington's are still gorgeous nonetheless, and I don't think they'll be going out in a hurry. Probably not a timeless classic though.
  4. You know, I think they are in this fall and will remain classic as long as the leather quality remains high. The demand is still high for certain colors.

    A lot of other designer brands have low resale value. Look at used Louis Vuittons that are on Ebay or any other market. They usually don't fetch more than 50-60% their cost. I personally think that all designer handbags have low resale value. One of the reasons it is so hard to resale Paddingtons is because they are so much $$$ to purchase in the first place! $1600 for this handbag is a lot considering most of the public can't purchase it directly from the department store.

    Remember that when you resale you are never going to get close to your MSRP rate because those people are buying from you for a reason - they couldn't afford the original price. That's just my two cents!

    No matter if paddingtons go out of style or not I'm going to keep toting mine. That will just mean less people will be seen wearing it, which I love!
  5. I think you should get a bag because you love it, not because of its resale value. If you think you might not carry the Paddy just because it is no longer fashionable, then you should buy something more classic. As for me, I'm going to be carrying my Paddys long after it goes out of popular imagination; I just love the style. And I actually ordered a baby Paddy in Aicer from LVR, but it is not here yet.
  6. I agree with Roxane, I would not buy a bag based on whether I would recoup the money on it, as that is a gamble. You have to buy it because you are in love with it. However, saying that, Baby (mini) paddys hold their value fabulously as there are not so many about, and people find them useful for day and evening. I adore the mini :smile:
  7. Yeah resale value is a bonus if you get a good deal but buy it because it consumes your every waking moment thinking about it which is always the deciding factor for me. If not then walk on by as it's not meant to be. Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  8. buy what you love! i honestly think that reselling clothing or bags of any sort leads to a big loss (unless something is very rare, of course). back in the day a person could count on recouping a fair amount of $$ laid out on an item. those days are gone. fakers ruined the market. So buy what you love!
  9. Yes...if you love it...get it.
  10. Ditto... you get a bag because you love the bag and feel good/comfortable wearing it. I love my Paddies (in/out; sellable or not). If it is your style and you are loving it, then get it!
  11. Probably going out, maybe staying in. Can't say I'm really fussed either way, get what you like not the dictates of fashion :flowers:
  12. I agree with all of the posters. It's nice to have something that is considered the "IT" item of the moment, but you really have to love the bag to spend the amount of $$. I just purchased the orange pocket paddy and I love it! Not to many people are into the orange leather but I don't care because it goes with so much of my clothing and other accessories. Orange is hot this fall, may not be next fall. But I still plan on wearing it for many seasons. It works for me.:smile:
  13. I say carry what you love! Not what's in/out at the moment.
  14. ^^^^^ exactly!!! I never care if bags are in or out...
  15. I really like paddy no matter it is in or out. I even purchased two in different colors.