Chloe Paddington??? I want it!

  1. Please help. I've posted on the Bags, Bags, Bags forum but got no reply.

    I've recently bought a Mulberry Roanne which I love but the pangs have returned. I have been looking at Paddingtons for a while and considered getting on over the Mulberry but went for it as it was larger.

    Now I can't stop thinking about the paddington, I want it but husband will kill me. I'm worried that if I do get one i'll be feeling the same way about another bag in a few months time. HELP!

    Is the paddington the ultimate designer bag?
  2. aw Cat I hate when that happens!

    I am sure you will find that depending on what forum you are in you will get a different answer on what is the ultimate designer bag, chloe guys will say a chloe bag, balenciaga fans theres and so on. I say get a bag that you love and cannot live without regardless of what designer it is.

    Good luck with your hunt and purchase (If hubby agrees!)
  3. yep, I agree with S_S, but I also have had conversations with many people that of all my bags that I buy and sometimes sell on, I would always have to keep one paddington in my collection. So I do think it is a classic. The good thing about deciding now that you like them is that there are great deals to be had on paddingtons, so you can take your time and try and find a really good one.

    In the meantime, get your fill here by looking at everyones gorgeous bags, and deciding which one will be the perfect one for you ;)
  4. Well, you have to make your own decision...but I don't want to miss my Padington in my collection. I would sell my Chanels, and even my Bal...but never ever my Paddington. That's for sure :yes: For me, personally, it's THE It-bag ever :wlae:
  5. I bought and sold a few paddies until I found the perfect one and I won't let it go..Like everyone said, it nice to have one paddy in your collection....

    I personally like many designers and would ultimatley like one great bag from each of them!
  6. It's hard to say which is the ultimate designer bag... but I do think the Paddington is the ultimate Chloe bag - it really reflects Chloe's casual elegance, and it's the first Chloe IT bag which has now become a classic.

    So I think if you're minded to get a Chloe, then go for the Paddy!! :yes:
  7. I had an apple green Mulberry Roxy which I loved although did thing it was a little bulky for me. Anyway I saw paddys on magazines etc and didn't think much of them but then my friend bought on and it was beautiful and then I kept thinking about getting one too so I sold my Roxy and bought a paddy, it was a really good decision for me
  8. You sound a bit like me, you get a bag but then you are thinking about the next purchase and obsess about it until you get it. my honest advice would be to wait a month or so- the paddies aren't going anywhere! Enjoy your Roxanne and see how you feel in a few weeks. Personally I'm obsessing about the Mulberry bayswater vs the Chloe edith so until I can decide I'm not going to buy either!!!
  9. i am just now being striken by the chloe bug and i think i have to buy one! but really, i have spent so much money on bags in the past 6 months, i might just go broke!

    what price can you get a paddy for?
  10. I think chloe's period are very addicting. I love the paddington line there are many different ones. So needless to say once I got one I needed another because the style and shape was different.
    I don't think the pangs ever go away no matter what bag you get. I believe it may be the thrill of the hunt that drives most of us handbag finatics:drinks:
  11. I love the Paddingtons, but they don't suit me at all, wheras my friend got a cream one for Christmas & uses it to death! Mulberry bags however, design-wise, have more longevity (my opinion) so I would say if you do want a paddington get a color you will use lots, so you get your use out of it before the 'trend' passes...
  12. Welcome to the obsession!!

    I have a Mulberry (the Blenheim in Oak which I would never part with) and had the black tooled Bayswater - which I traded for a Chloe paddy tote :graucho:

    If you are in love with the paddy leather and looks, maybe try a different style than the satchel, something like the tote or the shopper? That way you get the experience and the functionality.

    Also, I think the bag's longevity depends largely on the color you choose. IMHO the creams (06 blanc, creme) and the browns (06 whiskey, tan, chocolate) have the best shelf life. I think funky colors go out of favor faster than the actual bag style, especially with the fabulous Chloe leather.

    Good luck and have fun choosing!