Chloe Paddington - HELP!!!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm been a huge fan of the Chloe Paddington but never got the chance to get my hands on one because they are simply too big for my petite frame (I'm 5'1).. :sad:

    but my girlfriends have been telling me that there is a small Paddington out there (not sure when it was released).. can someone tell me what the dimensions for the smallest Paddington are and where I can get hold of one?

    Many many thanks!
  2. Hi, That'll be what is otherwise known as the baby/mini paddy satchel, though i'm not sure if it's still available in-stores or if you'd have to go to eBay.

    Here's a fine example of one on eBay:

    Or, even smaller again is what is known as the Paddington clutch - very cute, but more suited to a night out!;)
  3. I've seen them at NM so they are still out there...