Chloe Paddington from Net-a-porter question?

  1. Hi!

    For all you Chloe experts out there, can anyone tell me what colour is my Paddington satchel? I just recieved the bag today, it is a light brown/tan colour from the 2006 collection. Anyone know the name of the colour???
    I will try to post a pic as soon as possible. So excited! It is my first Chloe!
  2. Was it on sale underneath the red paddy. If so, I think you have the classic tan. I was very surprised to see it on sale as it is a staple, classic colour :smile:

    You got a great deal, the tan really will go with everything ;)

    well done
  3. If it wasn't on the sale it may be the Muscadet which I think looks a great colour as well. Post pics and we can work out what it is

    Well done on your first Chloe - its a slippery slope from here!!!!

    Congrats - enjoy her
  4. Thank you for the reply, I am very pleased with the bag, and you guys are right, it is hard to stop. I bought a Edith as well. It is described as Tabacco in colour, is it just dark brown?? I have not recieved yet, cant wait until next week!! I also noticed a very shallow scratch on my Paddington and also the padlock has some scratched bits as well, you probably can see it on the photo. Not good at positioning the bag just yet. Also how do I attach the photo on this message???:shame:
  5. i have a tobacco paddy its like a deep rich brown similar to chocolate without the softness - hard to describe but very nice:smile:
  6. Hi Blueberry,

    Do you have a photo of your tobacco paddy?? Would love to see it!! xx
  7. Hi CCCaddict, welcome to tPF!:yahoo:

    If you search this forum (top right) you should find a couple of threads with some beautiful pics of tobacco paddies.:yes:

    Your new bag sounds beautiful!:heart:

    Though i'm sorry to hear that the lock has scratches, and the bag has a mark be honest, the scratches to the padlock will happen over time anyway.

    If you're not happy with the flaws, you should return it.

    As for attaching pics, make sure they are small enough, (195.3 kb) and then click the paperclip symbol above your reply to bring up the attachment box.
  8. Thank you Chicky!
    I will try to attach some photos!! The scratch is not bad but I just want my new baby to be perfect!! I got so excited that I found this forum today and want to talk to people with the same interest! I have contacted NAP but they already sold out the tan Paddy so I'm not sure what to do.
    This year is great as I have received a Celine Leopard print pony Stirrup bag for Xmas. However I am a bit concerned about the print as I may not get to use it so often. It is unique but maybe too delicate for my lifestyle (ie I am quite clumsy) and also living in East London, not sure if I would walk on the street with it!!! I may return it but waiting to see if I like the Edith! xx
  9. ahhh ccc, I know its alot of money but try to relax, the more beat up your paddy gets, the more lovely it becomes. It is definitely not a bag that should be kept prestine, the more used it is, really, the more the leather becomes amazing :smile:
  10. CCC Chloe Babe is right and I can guarantee that after only one or two outings your padlock is going to take a hit - that is a unique and lovely feature of the paddie. Welcome also by the way - you will love it here and its so great to get more UKers on. Hope to see many more postings from you here.
  11. :yahoo: Finally some pics of my new tan Paddy!!!

    Pheww!! Finally worked out how to resize!
    I have to say, now owning a Chloe paddy, I think it is actually very well made and the leather is very very good quality. I think some people think Chloe is not so well made, that kinda upset me... :shame:
  12. CCC wow gorgeous gorgeous bag.... Lucky you it looks great leather as well.


    Incidentally what does CCC stand for?
  13. CCC stands for the brands I like ie Celine, Chloe and Chanel
    Also my initial is CC so it seems that I like everything start with C.:yes:

    Thanks for the compliment for my paddy, cant wait to take her out!!!:yahoo:
  14. Ah nice initials to have CC.

    Yes it will be a joy to take out - you will be walking about proud as punch as if you were showing off a new baby (which in some ways you are!)

    Hee hee

  15. Your tan paddy is gorgeous, I love it! Congrats and enjoy. =)