Chloe paddington for formal occassions?

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  1. Hi girls! I was thinking of getting a paddington to use as a "nice" bag. I'd probably take it out to nicer lunches/dinners or events, but I'm having mixed feelings about how it looks.

    What do you think? Would you take your paddington to, say, a nice wedding or restaurant? Or do you think it's more casual and appropriate for a shopping day?

    I'm eyeing the white/cream/gray hued paddies. I've never owned one, and I'm trying to justify to myself why I should make the purchase! :P I told myself that I wouldn't get one until I "needed" another purse (ha!), so maybe this is my chance...

    TIA! :heart:
  2. I took my now-sold whiskey paddington to my sorority's formal last year. It worked out well! I do think that it can be worn for formal occasions.
  3. I would take a Chloe paddington to formal events, I think it would work nicely. And a white coloured one would look great! :biggrin: I took a mini blanc paddy to my graduation ceremony and out for dinner afterwards.

    I even took my paddy clutch to my own wedding haha! It was a clutch so a little different, but it was nice having it there.;) You can see it in the corner of this pic, I love this shot!

  4. I think the paddington is versatile enough to be used for special occasions. I have taken mine to a wedding. They can be dressed up more than say a silverado or betty, which seem to be more casual styles.
  5. I wouldn't take a paddy to a wedding - but then again - I'm weird!
  6. the satchel itself is not a formal looking bag. No i would not take mine to a wedding. But i would take my small paddy clutch instead (same as qwertys).
  7. I took my nuage baby paddington to a wedding that was outdoors and sort of a casual affair but I wouldn't take it to a really formal wedding or take a regular sized one because I just don't see it as a really formal bag and I prefer smaller bags with just a few things in it not a big bag with all my everyday items when going out to things like weddings.
    I'd take it out for dinner etc though.
  8. Pretty picture!! Love it! Maybe I'll do a Paddy clutch...hmm...Wish I could buy one of every size haha.
  9. i took my vermillon baby paddy to a wedding last year :smile:
  10. I wouldn't bring my light brown paddington to a black tie event or a sit down dinner (inclusive of wedding dinners) but I bring it to work all the time (goes very well with a black shift dress and heels - I have to dress up for work). I pondered for half a year before I got the paddy. After I got it, the weight was annoying and I deliberated selling it but each time I touch the smooshy leather, I just couldn't bring myself to sell it. So I just resign myself it being a gorgeous gorgeous bag that I can only use once a week :smile:

    qwerty234: that's a lovely shot :smile:
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    If I had a Paddy, I don't think I'd take it to a wedding, personally, no - as I have quite a lot of, what I feel are, far more appropriate clutches I could use, instead.

    At the moment, for example, of my Chloes, I'd probably tend to take my Elsie clutch, I think?

    Even if I had a Paddy clutch, I don't think I'd choose to use that at a wedding, either, as even though it's a clutch, I think that, once again, it's quite a casual style.

    I'd definitely take a Paddy to lunch at a nice restaurant, though, but I'm not sure I'd take it to dinner(?) and I definitely wouldn't take it to formal evening events, personally.

    I probably would take a Paddy clutch to dinner at a nice restaurant, though - although, again, I wouldn't take it to formal evening events (although, more casual ones would be fine!).

    Having said all that, I wouldn't have a problem with others who did, at all, because I really don't believe in hard and fast rules; it should be whatever you feel happy with.

    Part of the reason I think I'm quite fussy about what I would, or wouldn't, carry myself, is that I tend to wear fairly casual, comfortable clothes and footwear (long tops, leggings, shawls/cardigans and LFA Uggs, mostly!) whenever possible, so I tend to use bags and jewellery to dress it up, particularly in the evening.

    I will happily walk into a nice restaurant (much to the horror of certain older patrons, I'm sure!), in the evening, wearing the aforementioned uggs and leggings, with a nice clutch and jewellery; so I can hardly complain if someone else chooses to do the opposite and walks in wearing a dress and heels, with a Paddy and little, or no, jewellery, can I?! :biggrin:
  12. I consider the Paddy to be less formal, so wouldn't take it to a wedding or other such event. However, I have taken my Gemma to a wedding.
  13. chloehandbags is right, it definitely depends on your personal style! :yes:

    personally, i LOVE taking a baby paddy to an event like a wedding dinner! :heart: anything too delicate and sequinny or feminine etc is just "not me". i wear very simple dresses and the highest heels i can find, and i love the simple yet lush look of a baby paddy to go along.

    that said, i definitely won't take a regular sized paddy to a formal event.
  14. I wouldn't bring the bag to the weeding either, But I would definately take the paddy clutch , a small bag with small lock.

    By the way, I will bring something girly and match my gown

    I can bring to anywhere but not in the weeding...
  15. Would maybe take baby paddy or paddy clutch to a casual/low key wedding but not to a formal wedding, def wouldn't take regular size to any wedding.