Chloe Paddington for £300

  1. I've already posted this in the 'deals & steals' forum but I thought since it is topic- related I would post here too. On they have a metallic Chloe Paddington for £300. The same one is on Net-A-Porter now for over £900 so I thought this was a pretty good deal, but I must admit, I don't know too much about Chloe bags. It's missing the padlock but apart from that, it's in new condition I think.
  2. does this site sell authentic stuff? is it well know in the EU?
  3. They aren't really well known as they only started up a little while but they do sell authentic stuff
  4. Interesting, where could you get another padlock?
    Any help appreciated.:tup:
  5. how odd!where would that padlock be??