Chloe Paddington-Do you zip both sides? Fling the lock over?

  1. So I just got my first Chloe Paddington and I just love her. She' is making new friends nicely with every one else. :p

    So my questions, is how do you carry her? Do you zip both zippers up? I don't know if its me, but its a little cumbersome to try to zip when walking, maybe I still need practice.

    Or you just flng the lock over since its heavy enough to cover up the open purse?
  2. I dont zip I just throw padlock over and its so heave that it closes up the bag. I find the zips too much to be closed and then fumbling to get them open again
  3. I just move the lock out of the way. I keep it zipped.
  4. I haven't owned mine long... only a couple weeks. I don't bother with the zippers, I just throw the lock over. :smile:
    Congrats on your paddy!! I love mine!
  5. I zip one side across and secure the lock on. I leave the other side un-attached to the lock so that I can un-zip that side and get access into the bag with ease.

  6. I do the same thing!
  7. Great idea!:yes:

    I always zip both sides up, but if i'm in and out of several shops to buy stuff, then i'll leave it unzipped and just fling the padlock over.:smile:
  8. Yeah, I do the same. In fact, I read about this method in a previous thread.
    I find the method very safe (no worry of pickpocket) and extremely convenient. Best of all, I can leave that beatutiful signature lock on the bag at all times without the potential of creating scratches from excess handling.

  9. That's exactly what I do too!:yes:
  10. I don't zip it, just fling the lock over.
  11. I leave the side of the bag facing my back zipped, and the side of the bag facing forward unzipped. This way people cannot come up behind me and grab something from my bag, but I can reach in easily from the front. I also fling the lock over the front.
  12. No zipping, just flinging.
  13. I just fling the lock, but if my lock isn't on, then I zip, but try not to unzip all the way so it comes undone. :s
  14. I have them both zipped. my necessities - phone, metrocard, & my credit card are in the side pockets.
  15. Same here :yes: