Chloe Paddington dilemma

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  1. I wonder if you can please help me as I am becoming obsessed with this bag and I do not think my life will be complete until I get it!! I am constantly looking at NAP and LVR and have narrowed it down to tan/whiskey -but only tan available at LVR and on the site it looks like a hiddeous orange-surely it is just a bad photo ??

    ps I am so glad to have found this site it makes me feel like I am normal after all!!
  2. Barneys NY in Beverly Hills had a Whisky and a Chocolate available as of about 2 hours ago... 310.276.4400
  3. You can see a tan Chloe Paddington camera bag at It's a nice color. I recently bought the tan Paddington satchel. It's like a lighter shade of the whiskey. Hope this helps.
  4. Thank you so much for your help. I live in the UK so NAP and LVR seem to be the only ones that ship here unless I am mistaken.
  5. You're right, Bergdorf Goodman doesn't ship to the UK. But when I referred to their site, I meant you can see a nice picture of the tan color there. Hopefully, that will help you decide what color Paddington to get. Let us know!
  6. I was replying the lady before you who was telling me about a shop in Beverley Hills!! but yes thank you so much-definitely like the tan but am now looking at the bag with the pocket on the front on LVR site also available in tan -what do you think should I go for the original or the pocket one??

    Sorry not capable of making my own decisions anymore have turned into a wreck since my obsession with this bag has started!!
  7. Hmmm ... the one with the pocket looks a little too busy for me. But that's just me. If you like it, then you should go for it. Or if you can't decide, get both!! :lol:
  8. ok you have made my mind up for me am going to order it!! I am going to do it right now-have spent far too long thinking about this and reading everything on this site about them ! It is now time for action -I can't afford it but hey what are credit cards for if not to treat yourself.
  9. Yayyy!!!!! I hope you enjoy your new bag!!
  10. Oooooohhhh! You're definitely going to enjoy that bag! It is a beaut!
  11. whoaaa.. nice buy!! treasure and enjoy!!
  12. Woohoo! Congrats on your decision:smile:) Post pics when you get her!
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