Chloe Paddington - Dark silver?

  1. Hello Chloe experts! Would you please give me a hand with this listing?

    (Item number: 6884381960 in case the link doesn't work)

    The seller looks reliable - I've noticed he has sold many Chloes (for better or worse)

    What troubles me is the colour, I didn't know there was actually a "dark silver", I knew only of "silver" and "anthracite", that are also on the Chloe website. I have seen in the Chloe shop the swarovski lock and key with leather sold individually, in a colour that one could define as "dark silver", but I have never seen a Paddy bag looking like this.

    My suspicious nature also makes me wonder whether this could be a fake bag with an authentic lock and key..... :hrmm:

    Help please! What do you think?
  2. The color does look a little strange...a friend of mine has a fake "anthracite" paddy, hers is definitely not like the real anthracite color and the bag in this auction looks similar to it...
  3. looks fake. The vegas bag, which came with the crystal lock and key, is silver. And there is no dark silver, it looks like all the other fake anthracites but eh, I could be wrong i suppose.
  4. It is fake.
  5. If you look at the seller's other auctions, she has another Chloe Silverado Doctor in chocolate python with a BIN for $750... that price is way too low and low prices are always a red flag...
  6. We are supposed to post these authentication questions on the thread on the top of the forum please ^^^ :yes: