Chloe Paddington Cross Body Bag @

  1. Still there...
  2. Gone...
  3. gone... :crybaby:
  4. sad...why can i not get my hands on a chloe bag?????!?!!!!
  5. don't be upsad... they're NORMALLY "gone in 60 seconds"... I guess they just like to post our "dreams" in there... lolz :devil:
  6. they went quick :O
  7. Bag is a really great deal, and I was this close to buying. I guess I'm just a little confused about the detatchability of the shoulder strap. It doesn't look detachable in the picture. I've never seen this style in the store, either, which makes me a little nervous. Anyway, if you really want a chloe, this is a great deal.
  8. I guess what i meant to say was:

  9. What a great price!