Chloe Paddington Cross-Body $796

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  1. OMG...just ordered this, I am OOC!
    I'm hoping that the dimensions are off, called NM customer service and they too were confused since the bag looks square-ish...but the dimensions are more of a rectangle. Does anyone know what this bag really looks like? And of course, there's no mention of the depth.
    NM really needs to improve their descriptions and photos!
  2. Wow, thanks for the thoughtful!
    Best to you;)
  3. Bought this bag and returned it. The opening is VERY small, and the bag is pretty deep,so it would be difficult to find anything in it. Some of the black hardware was chipped. Im not sure if this is typical with the black, but Ive decided to stick to the brass or silver.

  4. I bought this bag too. It was to be my first Paddy...after holding out on that style for so many years! I hope I like it and it's not the one you returned with chipped hardware. Time will tell I guess.
  5. congrats, thats a nice bag!
  6. Count me in as one of the purchase then returners...this bag is gorgeous, but the leather wasn't so didn't have the nice paddy smell and texture I was looking for.
  7. Oooh...I just bought it for a friend of mine. She saw another in a NM clearance outlet, but it was missing the lock, so she didn't buy it, but agonized over it for WEEKS! So I just ordered it for her, to see if she wants it. I hope it's in decent condition.
  8. LOL...I actually bought a black cross-body Paddy at my local NM last call last winter, and it was missing a lock. I asked the SA if she could order a new lock for me, but she never got around to it (horrible service is the standard at my local NM...). So, I ended up returning it. I wonder if that's the one i returned! :rolleyes:
  9. Could be! This was at the outlet center in Primm, NV. We stopped by on our way back from Vegas. I remember she carried it around the store while she made up her mind to buy or not to buy! :roflmfao: Ultimately, she decided it wasn't worth it to buy a PADdington bag with out the PADlock. :P
  10. Silly me....I should have read the threads on this bag before ordering it....but I suppose we get trigger happy once we see something pop up as available.
    My better sense won over and I called NM to cancel the order, which they did. I know from many comments, that this bag would have been too big, too heavy, and the opening - too small. Funny, being new to this bag thing, I am understanding that gorgeous is not good enough - it needs to be functional. Thanks everyone for your help :tup:
  11. aww, how dissapointing, some of the black hardware was chipped for one of you girls. it sounds like a super deal though. i'd probably stick with the brass too if that were to happen to the black. i don't know about the black.