Chloe Paddington Continental Wallet IS ON SALE

  1. Hi Gals!

    I wanted to let you all know that the MUSCADE Chloe Paddington Continental Wallet that I purchased a while back and listed pictures is on sale. I know that alot of you really liked it, but not at that price. It was orginally $590 plus tax and is now $384. Here is the link:

    ITEM #NMOF8_V8833[​IMG]• Muscat (tan) buffalo with brown topstitching.
    • Silver metal hardware with antiqued golden studs.
    • Wraparound zip closure with key charm
    • Front flap pocket with golden signature padlock.
    • Interior pocket.
    • 7 3/5"L x 4 4/5"W.
    • Made in Italy

  2. I'm trying so hard not to buy that wallet!!! I already have 3, but I just love them so....... Thanks for the post!
  3. Ahhhh, what's one more, lol.:graucho: Its a really cool wallet and its on sale!!!!:yahoo: I haven't seen that wallet anywhere else either.
  4. Nice wallet, I have a whiskey with the 'c' closure, love the leather on these wallets....go for it!!
  5. Thanks!
  6. Well- it sold out quick! Went from 11 in stock to ziltch!
  7. Did anybody here get one???
  8. I didn't. I was thinking about it but I guess I was too late. Hope someone here got one.
  9. No, I need something a little darker.