Chloe Paddington..color?

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  1. Hello. I bought a used Chloe Paddington bag a few weeks ago. I've been to Nordstroms to look at there paddington bags and i cant seem to find the color i have. mine seems more orange than the rest. Ive had it checked for authenticity and the lady told me it looks very authentic, she just wasnt sure about the color. could anyone tell me if theres a color. when i bought it, i was told the color was whiskey..but it just doesnt look right to me. could anyone give me any tips on determining whether or not this bag is real?
  2. Post a pic, so we can have a look for you.
  3. I dont have any pics right now, but i'll try to get one up tomorrow for sure.
  4. cool, there was an orange colour bought out that was much more orange than the whiskey, but the Chloe tag should have the name of the colour on the bag, and if you look in your inside pocket and let us know the serial number, that will also help determine when it came out and hence, what colour it is :smile: