Chloe Paddington Classic Satchel $1995.00??!!

  1. So what do you guys think of the Chloe Paddington Classic Satchel with the new lock for $1995.00??

    Here's a link for you to check out if you haven't seen it yet:

    I don't know if it really is worth $1995.00 especially for a clear lock? I don't know if I really am digging it.

    metal lock vs. clear lock?

  2. its horrible imo and so overpriced!
  3. i don't really like the clear lock
  4. I don't care for the clear lock either. Looks like a cheaper alternative to the metal...
  5. I like the clear lock, but like someone else pointed out, where does the key go? Does it unlock?

    I didn't realise they were doing the perspex in different colours :nuts:

    No way would I pay £1000 for one though!
  6. i dont like it. but then again, i think that bag is so impractical anyways.
    i own a chloe capsul paddy and is so much better and fits so much more stuff (i´m all about big bags though...)
  7. Its so not as pretty as the metal lock. It puts my name to shame! lol.
  8. i find the lock makes the bag look a lot cheaper
  9. Don't like much about it, even if it was half the price. But hey, you can't blame them for putting it out there to see what tunas will nibble!
  10. I wouldn't do it. I picked on of those up in store and the thing was so ridiculously heavy. On top of that, I think it's a trend and I don't think the Paddy has much staying power. If it were cheaper I wouldn't be as against it but for $2000 you can do better IMHO.
  11. That clear lock is going to scratch terribly and look cloudy and dull after use :tdown:
  12. I think in general the Paddington has run its course and is no longer the must-have accessory of the season. I think the price is too high...
  13. WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY too overpriced IMO....I also hate the clear lock....
  14. Ewwww.... what were they thinking?:tdown:
  15. I find that lock really ugly, and think it's overpriced.