Chloe paddington chocolate wallet on it a good deal?

  1. I've been keeping my eye on this wallet (auction number 110011661764) for my mums friend, im not to sure whether its a good deal or not though? is it too cheap for a chloe paddington wallet? there selling them on Net-A-Porter for £316.00.

    can anyone help please.
  2. Hi,
    It always helps to put a link up (you'll get more responses):yes:
    None of the pics on this listing are working for me either...

    The price seems reasonable enough - there would be no point listing it on Ebay if it was too near to retail, as you say NAP have them for just £27 more.

    BUT, to be honest, If it were me, i'd pay retail for the sake of a few £, knowing that i'd be getting the real deal.:yes:
  3. I agree, the praice difference isn't good enough to risk buying through ebay when so many things can go wrong.
  4. Got a reply this morning, its definetly authentic, they sent me a picture of the receipt, and its still cheaper even though not that much, so i am going to keep an eye on it and see if no one else bids, hopefully they wont and i will try and get it.