Chloe Paddington Capsule Tote-Just Bought At BG-Need Opinions

  1. I have no opinion on style or price but I can tell you I have been eyeing the Capsule for a long time. I think it's one of my favorite Chloe styles. Congrats and I hope you find you love it.
  2. Thanks rachieface! Can you tell me anything about the size?
  3. Pretty huge and pretty heavy. But all Chloe bags are and for some reason I tend to find a bag more "worth it" if it's heavier. Maybe it feels like I am buying something substantial for the price if it is heavier. I love it in white. Is that the color you got?
  4. I have the capsule satchel that is smaller east/west style and love it. I know Nordstrom did a second markdown and they are 60% off. I don't know if they have any left but it's worth a try to see if an SA can check their system. Congrats on your purchase!
  5. I have been eyeing the capsule satchel myself. The only thing that concerns me is the chain and whether it will get in the way or rub the leather. This tote looks like it might be a bit on the heavy side when loaded-but the sacrifices we make for a great bag!
  6. The heaviness doesn't bother me at all, however the color does. It was only available in the white color. My biggest concern was the size as I don't like really small bags. Thanks so much to everyone for your input!
  7. I saw 3 at the Nordstroms at the Grove (LA) TODAY! I think they were less expensive than this one, they were all dark colors...maybe part leather and part patent? Sorry I didn't pay that close attention as I was trying to NOT buy one! They are beautiful!

  8. Thanks would be great to get this bag at a lower price however my order will probably be processed by the time I can call Nordstrom in the morning. I can't believe the processing/shipping charge was $24!!! If this bag is partially patent leather, I don't want it since I don't like patent leather bags! It doesn't appear in the picture to have any patent on it though. Does anyone else know if it is half and half?
  9. The bag is stunning! I'm sure you will LOVE it when you get it. I don't think it looks like there is any patent leather on it. Be sure to post pictures!! I like the color too, it's great for Spring/Summer!!!

  10. Thanks Sonia. I looked again at the picture and description and am convinced there is no patent on this particular bag. I have wanted a Paddington for some time and waited too long to decide on one that was on sale at NM several days ago. I was determined not to lose this one! I will post pics as soon as I get it! God....what happened to my purse ban?! Shame on me! LOL!
  11. There is no patent leather on this one, I can assure you.
  12. I have the satchel and it isn't patent leather, it's pebbled leather and it's more cream than white. It's a very pretty color, goes well with the hardware. Enjoy!
  13. Nordies in SF - Market St. had 2 one in green and one in black. They are 60% off now. The green is really nice. The downtown store # is 415 243-8500. Ask for Nelly in handbags, she can help you find one.
  14. You're a doll! Thanks!