Chloe Paddington Capsule! No threads on it yet?!!!

  1. I searched and got NOTHING! WHAT?!

    I fell in love with this, I think it's time to sell some stuff and buy another designer bag! Back from a serious purse ban.

    I can't get too addicted though, so don't let me!

    I'm looking around the net for other colors, and I haven't found anything.

    Not even .... HERE?!!!

  2. Ok now I see some mentions. I think the forum had a burp.
  3. OMG! I started a thread talking about how screwed we all are after seeing this bag IRL. Seriously, I am trying so hard to avoid that thread, and any others on this hot little bag because I want one so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yep this bag is hot and I can't spend anymore money in that direction.
  5. I bought one last week...from Hong Kong..

    I really love the style and color. Lighter weight compared to my bowling paddy:rolleyes:
    DSC05352.JPG DSC05353.JPG DSC05354.JPG DSC05357.JPG
  6. I love this bag and hope to get one but I went too crazy with the purse sales this season so I'm on a ban. Wouldn't it be awesome to get one for 40% off at the fall/winter sales!

  7. YES YES YES!!!!!

    This is the one that sent me into a frenzy! I am dying to get this, but of course, I spent too much lately, SO I must sit and wait a bit.:crybaby:
  8. Can someone post the dimensions of the bag? Is is smaller than the Paddington?
  9. I'm new to Chloe, so I apologise if this is a stupid question. Is the Paddington Capsule going to be around for the next few seasons, or is it A/W07 only? The full-page spread in Vogue had me swooning at first glance.
  10. Oh my gosh it's so gorgeous. Hot Hot Hot!!!!
  11. OMG so cute in choc!!!!
  12. That's soooo gorgeous!!!! :drool:
  13. I was about to say that Jag started a thread about this awhile back. I like it, but prefer the phoebe philo paddy over the capsule.
  14. Love the style!!!! It looks more user-friendly, but i'm not sure that leather is anything like the original Paddy...?
    It looks like 'Betty' leather. Not that that is a bad thing, necessarily, but.....what sold the paddy to me in the first instance - the thick sumptuous cow behind!:tup:
  15. I think I'd be more likely to buy the capsule than the original because of the weight factor. I adore paddys but they're way to heavy for me to carry :sad:.