Chloe paddington camerabag?

  1. I just spoke to a SA in a shop far from where I live (= will not be able to go there and check it out myself for a while), and she said they have a paddington camerabag - measurements appr.H12", W8", D5". That confused me a great deal, I have never heard of such a big camerabag. The only one I could find online was at NM and BG, but it is much smaller (H8,5", W6", D3"), see pic.

    I'm not even sure I like the camerabag at all, but out of curiousity: has anyone seen the big one irl?
  2. camerabagblack2.jpeg
  3. Wow...I did not realize how big this bag is! I love the black on the model!
  4. It is a bit odd looking IRL. It is small and somewhat bulky. (The camera bag and a few Betty bags continue to sit on the shelf at my local NM after all their cousins are sold...) Oh, I do think I saw the small and not the large (I was not fond of the small). But it may be a good fit for another...
  5. Interesting, the left out membesr of the chloe family...
    Someone should give them a home!
  6. I like the older model of the camera bag, not the Paddy style. The older one is more simple I guess?
  7. I couldn't agree more! I loved the style and almost bought one, to actually use for my camera! I remember leshent had a pink-ish one listed a few years ago and it was beautiful!! I almost bought it, almost -- now it's one of those "take to your grave" non-purchase regrets....ugh.
  8. I've seen this one IRL too and it's too small and heavy. I don't know who would want to pay that much for a camera bag when it can go towards a "real" bag purchase. :biggrin:
  9. Mammab I know where you can get one in that same color!!! :love: YOu wouldn't have to take it to your grave lol. PM me if you want the link ok?

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