chloe paddington bowling bag?

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  1. hi can someone experienced in chloe bags tell me if this was an actual style and also go onto and check ou : mic_stuff and tell me if their bag is real i feel it is i just wanna be sure before parting with the cash
    thanks Hollie xxx
  2. Please Help Me!
  3. hello?
  4. girl...give us a minute...I am not an expert, but I know the telltale signs...I will go check...
  5. I am still checking it out...jump on the Chlor thread and take a look...there are a TON of pics to do a comparison...
    I will say that this looks pretty beat up for the price they are asking(which is about 1000 US, I think)
    Others may disagree...
  6. The mark over the e looks odd..also,she is not showing a picture of the bottom of the lock....
  7. yeah i am having doubts i just want one soooooooo bad
  8. Sorry, haute...the feet look wrong...check out Autenticate this in Chloe...I was thinking they did not look right...
  9. On the other hand, it is totally possible that someone may have a differing opinion, especially if they have one they purchased in Europe...I would for sure post under Chloe before giving up...;) The other thing I would say to you is to post and ask someone to help you find an authentic listed on a site somewhere. That way, you can get a newer one, in good shape, that we know is authentic...
  10. ok thanks i have decided not to buy it anyway i would prefer a new one i have seen the crocodile skin chloe paddington and really like that instead-thanks for your help
  11. no problem...and besides, if you are spending that much anyway, may as well get one that is, if not new, REALLY well cared for;)
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