Chloe Paddington Bowler in Gris-Vert - Opinions Please

  1. Are there any Paddy Bowler owners out there? I'm wavering between 2 or 3 different styles for my first Paddy and I just can't decide. I thought I had decided on a medium paddy with a front pocket, but have changed my mind :s
  2. riffraff, do a search within Chloe under bouler, and you will see lots of piccies and advice on them, might help you to choose a specific one, if you see them up close and the real thing :smile:
  3. Well it does'nt look like your piccie lol so I guess I mean the box paddy, but like yours now too :push:
  4. ali_w, thanks! I noticed Nordies gave less and less paddies these days and definitely no more gris-vert bags. I got mine from eBay.

    Good luck!
  5. I have the large paddy zippy bouler in gazelle (like a honey tan), whiskey, black, brown, blanc, dark gray, and jaune (soft butter yellow.) It is one of my favorite bags! For me it's a no-brainer! If I could find it in any other color, I'd buy that one as well!!!:nuts:
  6. Oh, I also have it in taupe! If anyone ever sees the gris vert or the mousse in this, let me know! The gris vert is GORGEOUS!!! You are really lucky to have found it! Of course, now I'm obsessed...!
  7. The Mousse is on eBay a lot, mostly from relisting by the two same sellers. :p One is from tPF.

    It should be relisted any day now! ;)