Chloe Paddington bag with perpex lock

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  1. Has anyone seen a Chloe Paddington bag with perpex lock, I see a very small bag in Selfridges in London, but have not been able to find one anywhere and have been to Chloe store, and various other major boutiques in both London and New York, I can't even find a photo of one online, can anyone shed any light on this?
  2. I saw the ivordy paddy with perpex lock at Selfridges, Manchester too...the SA told me that it was L/E for this spring.... However, when I visited to next Chole shop at HV, SA told me she didn't know that....hmmm strange...

    However... I'd still prefer gold padlock though it's heavier:p
  3. What's a perpex lock? :confused1:
  4. Is Perpex what we Americans call lucite??
  5. I think there was a typo because it's actually perspex but I think it means the same - like clear plastic
  6. May22 that picture is SOOOO damn CUTE:nuts:
  7. Thx Jstar .. it always lights up my blue day too
  8. has two bags with lucite (perpex?) locks. It looks like only the white is available though. The "sable" color looks a lot like tan to me, but here is the thing with the lucite locks; THEY DON'T LOOK LIKE THEY ARE REAL LOCKS. :cursing: In other words, they are fake locks. :tdown: Just ornaments in the SHAPE of locks. Does anyone know if the lucite lock is a real working lock? When I zoom in on the locks in the pictures, there is no hole at the bottom and the key (which is metal) looks to be just an ornament as well, since WHAT DOES IT GO TO??? I think this is ridiculous. It's like a parady of a paddington. I'm saving LOTS of money this spring; not buying this stuff!
  9. im pretty sure its a real lock, but i might be wrong. they have a silver metallic paddy available with the perspex lock in chloe singapore. told by the SA that its from their new collection, however I much prefer the gold lock.. i feel the perspex lock takes away the class of the paddy..
  10. No hole on the does it open? I think it's a fake lock...check it out.:tdown:
  11. I saw these yesterday, defo a fake lock, no key hole and no key! ok for an odd night night out here and there but perspex is gonna scratch pretty easy and look crappy in no time.
  12. There is a key hanging on the bag...but a key to nothing! (That's worse than NO key!):cursing:
  13. OK, saw the white paddy IRL today with the lucite lock at Neiman Marcus in Chicago. The purse has a key hanging from it, but as I thought, the key is to nothing. The shackel (is it "shackle"?) of the lucite lock lifts up and then you can swivel the shakle around to take the lock off. There is no keyhole in the lock, and the key is just an ornament. The leather on the bag was somewhat stiff, cheap looking and "crackly" not the lush, smooshy leather that we all know and love. :crybaby: Even the SA was disappointed with the bag. This bag was at the OUTRAGEOUS price of $1,995.00.
    I am SO glad that I have a great collection of paddys because I will not be buying these. An embarrassment to Chloe! :sad:
  14. Oh Beanie the lock doesn't work? SAD. For an SA to be disappointed in their merchandise, oooh that's not good. They seriously schmooze, no matter what, for a sale?