Chloe Paddington Bag (Key Ring)

  1. Ok Ladies,

    I want to buy my girlfriend a joke present like a toy chloe paddington or a chloe paddington miniture on a key ring or something like this. Any ideas?
  2. This is perfect but a bit expensive for a joke....

    I think finding a cheaper one would be quite difficult.

    You see, I bought her a real Chloe (medium size) for her birthday and this was meant to accompany my "I looked for a chloe and they were too expensive" line.

    Looking for alternatives, is there any really bad ultra cheap fake that I can give her first? Or is that just cruel?
  3. That does sound a bit cruel, but very funny. Am sure you will find bad cheap fakes on eBay, maybe one that says CHOLE or something. I would find that funny, but only if the bag cost 10 quid or something, other than that, you're just lining the pockets of those b*$*%&*d fake makers.