Chloe Paddington and EBAY ... ???

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Nov 27, 2005
Hi guys ... I was curious if anyone knows whether or not any of the paddington's on ebay are authentic. Obviously the seller's claim that they are, but I'm hesitant. Let me know what you think!
yep, the only honest seller i've ever found on ebay is personalshoppers.

here's her link to what she currently has for sale. you can also email her as to what other chloe paddington bags she has, sometimes she has more than what she has up for auction. i bought my burgundy one from her, but don't expect prices less than retail she has a khaki green one for under 1500.

that's her other website. she's got the lizard paddington in silver. 7399, which one of us is going to buy it???
I sold about 11 paddington's on ebay from early March 2005 to August 2005, b/c I'm at the top of many waiting lists at smaller high end boutiques around the country. My girlfriend wanted one, so I got 3 for her, dark chocolate brown, cream, and tan. I've sold the blue and red versions too. Most of the paddington's on ebay are fake! If you see them priced below $1300 (most of them are not real), then I wouldn't even consider bidding on those. On average, they sell on ebay for $1500-$1600 (still). If you're getting them for less, you might want to question it, especially if you're paying less than $1500. Anyone who pays $600-$800 for an "IT" bag that retails for $1280 and sells for $1500-$1600 on ebay has to get their head examined if they even think it's remotely real.


The first sign that it's fake is the interior lining, most fakes have a non-cordoroy interior. 2nd - the hardware in not shiny, it's more matte than anything (it does get shiny though after a ton of use). Take a look at my older auctions and look at the pictures carefully - you should be able to tell using my pics what is real and what is not.
Try and find sellers with great feedback that are selling items that are high end also. I sell $500 Dolce & gabbana men's shirt, and $1000 jeans, so it's easy to trust me, plus I have 100% feedback too.

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There are reputable sellers on e-bay, I've sold 3 authentic, like new paddys for less than $800, I just wanted to move them out, and there are many others that sell on e-bay for various prices, depending on the condition and urgency of wanting to sell. The best way to make sure you get an authentic bag is to have the bag authenticated on tpf.
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