Chloe Paddington a classic or a Trend?

  1. I've been reading some posts lately that said that the prices of Chloe Paddys should be coming down as they aren't in demand that much anymore. DI haven't seen the prices come down at all yet...SO is the Paddy on the way out or is it here to stay? Just curious what you all think :amuse: Do you see the Paddy as a classic or a fading trend, or will you carry it regardless?
  2. I suspect it will probably be a passing trend, but then again, i guess the same can be said for many bags...?
    I would still like to own a paddy and i think i would get one regardless of whether they were 'in' or 'out'. I think if you love a bag enough to spend large amounts of money on it, then it doesn't matter whether it's going to be a passing trend or not. :smile:
  3. I have noticed them lately around NYC. I don't think they're out yet, but on the way. I still want one!!
  4. Where I live no one has ANY of these bags so it's all in what I like. Everyone has Coach, D&B and LV - that's pretty much the extent of it!
  5. I don't imagine the prices will ever come down, but if there are too many they may just go on sale!! I think the styling is classic but the lock is too copied and may become passe'....??? I might wind the key leash through the lock loop like someone showed recently if I ever feel dorky with a herkin' lock on my bag....
  6. hahah! I love herkin' lock. What a great term!! Sounds like a plan.
  7. I must tell you that I think the paddy will be here for a while longer. It is still very much in demand and to be honest, I would wear it regardless of whether or not it is an "it" bag. I saw a woman this weekend in Beverly Hills wearing a whiskey paddy that looked amazing! It totally motivated me even more to get my first paddy!
  8. The peak of the Paddy hype is definitely long behind us.

    Having said that,I fell in love with this bag the first time I saw a picture,before it came out. I had never bought a designer bag before,but I knew that I had to have this one.

    I missed out on the first batch at net-a-porter in Feb 05 because the site went crazy,but I snagged mine out of the the second bunch in April.:devil: . This bunch also sold out in 4 hours.It was love at first sight when Paddy arrived home!!

    Where I live,I have never seen anyone carry a Paddington,though one store in NL finally started carrying them this year.

    I love this bag for what it is,and not because it had the "It" as others have mentioned above I shall continue to wear it with pride and joy!!!
  9. I think it is a passing trend - alot of my friends haven't used thiers in a long time and were thinking about selling them on craigslist. we used to do a purse trade party thing but bags are so trendy that we found that no one wanted to trade for non -"it' bags so it ended up being a faillure lol
  10. In my opinion the market became over-saturated with paddys...they are all over my local Neimans and Nordies. Actually, a lot of Chloe bags are "hanging out" on the shelves right now (except for Edith).

    I just started enjoying my paddy - so, I could care less if it is "in" or not. The bag gets better looking with use - so, I'll keep using it - I doubt the price will come down on the tags - maybe the stores will be forced to sale them out - but, once a designer sets a MSRP it is rare to see them drop the "value" out.
  11. i love the paddy.. the padlock is so fun!!! i think the paddy helped to put chloe on the "map" just like the spy did for fendi, so in those regards I dont see them simply vanishing.. I think over time they will become "vintage." all that aside.. I love what I love, no matter how many of them lindsay lohan has!
  12. I think the paddy's day has already passed, but not by much. It really doesn't matter much to me because I still love them. If Chloe were smart, they would stop making them and move on to something new completely. I'm of the personal opinion that no one should buy a bag as an "investment" piece. If you love it, buy it and use it. If not, then find a bag in which you do feel that way! I do agree that after a while, they will eventually become "vintage".
  13. Right - like I mentioned in my neck of the woods no one would know a paddy from a Kmart bag lol! I use all my bags no matter what as my area isn't very fashion conscious regardless (which I guess is a good thing!)
  14. hehehe... acutally I still get tons of compliments everywhere I go with my anthracite paddy... even the hard core fendi dude selling me a spy was like i LOVE your bag.. same with a SA at Barney's! as a matter of fact when I had it at Barneys...on the counter about 4 ladies came up thinking it was for sale!!! one tried to grab it even! I had be all "hey, this is my personal bag!" HAHAHA! :biggrin: :lol:
  15. Did you tell him to get his hands OFF?? That's too funny. I have a sable on the way and am soo excited to get it.