Chloe Paddington @ $700

  1. Call Mary at Nordies in Towson(410)296-2111
    Medium brown dome satchel only one, Hurry!!! As always on hold under Ali;)....
  2. She has another one today. Call if you're interested!!!!
  3. Is it the same type of bag? The dome??
  4. Yeah, it's the same!!
  5. ack i tried to call but mary is out for a few days. can someone tell me if its still on hold? i want the you know if i can have them ship it to me and if so, how much is it usu. around? thx a bunch!
  6. You could try to ask for Lisa...she is very nice and helpful. I believe shipping is around $12 and they will charge you the sales tax of your home state. HTH!
  7. sorry im trying to find a picture of this bag and its size measurements. can anyone help me? she says its the SMALL one.
  8. Their was a pic in the chloe subforum, from someone else who also bought the bag. However I don't remember if its the medium or large.