Chloe paddington $499 at Nordstrom Rack

  1. Hi! (this is my first post)

    Just saw tonight that there's a camel Chloe paddington, originally $1150 marked down to $499 at the Nordstrom Rack in San Marcos (near San Diego).

    I think that you can have them ship it to you?

    They also had a Mulberry brown/tan bag for 299
  2. Oops! Its the Paddington thats originally 1800 (its pretty big).
  3. Welcome!
  4. I got my first Chloe Paddington for my birthday and oh my... it is soo heavy! After 2 weeks... back of the closet it goes.
  5. WOW...that's a DEAL!!! :nuts:
  6. great deal! I wish I liked the style
  7. how can I get it?? Is there any number I can call??
  8. Oh my goodness! Wonder if my Nordstrom rack carries chloe...can't imagine they do though.
  9. what a steal! too bad my Nordstrom rack never has any chloe's... :crybaby:
  10. OMG!its killing me!!!!!
    which paddy???I dun really like the large one since im so small.LOL...

  11. At that retail price it could be the large front pocket or one of the totes.
  12. where r u two days ago...just back from SUN Diego to snowy boston...
  13. *falls over* I don't like that colour and I just spent my $400 on my dream Coach. It's k, I want my Coach. :yes:
  14. I wish I were more familiar with Chloe bags!

    Its pretty big... and heavy which is why I didn't get it for myself! Its satchel style and I think there were two pockets in the front. Sorry I can't be more helpful!