Chloé Paddington 2006

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  1. Wow! Is this new 2006 Bowling Paddy huge or what? :nuts:

  2. [​IMG]

  3. Geez ... did the Chloe Management buy stock in the Pharmaceutical Industry (re: pain killers?)!!! :nuts:
  4. :love: Classic Paddy in Bordeaux

  5. The Bordeaux is what I've been really wanting, but ended with a chocolate!! Yum yum!!

    I can only image how heavy the Paddy Bowling is................I get tired from my satchet...................................
  6. I think LVR uses midget stick people to model their bags. The bags always look so huge! The new medium paddy's looked huge on the models.
  7. That's a good point Greenie! I remember when I first got my Balenciaga Medium City Classique, I was disappointed because I thought it should be bigger ... after all, it seemed that it was bigger in the celeb pictures. Then, of course, a friend pointed out that most of the celeb gals are significantly smaller than me (I'm 5'10" in stocking feet!).
  8. Is it just me or this "red" looks like a metallic red? I hope this is not the actual color of the bordeaux on LVR. If you look at their choco brown picture and compare it to this bordeaux, it looks like they use the choco brown bag as the base and use photoshop to create this "bordeaux" color.

  9. It is probably just their lighting. I doubt they photoshop anything, as they are a reputable dealer.
  10. It's so true. Most of the celebs, i.e. N. Richie, are tiny tiny people.
  11. I dont really care for that bowling paddy.
  12. even if the models holding the bowling paddy are is WAY to big for me. i can't even figure out enough stuff to put in my small prada nylon hobo...:shame:
  13. don't like the look, it has a robot face to it, if you look again.
  14. omg you're right! that's so creepy!!
  15. ha, ha you're cracking me up's true...:weird: